Medium Duty Head Shed

Medium Duty Head Shed

Tech Line Medium Duty Head Shed Primary Cleaner

The Tech Line Medium Duty Head Shed Cleaner is based on the Heavy Duty Head Shed design, but scaled down. The offset arm design maintains the proper cleaning angle throughout the life of the blade and helps absorb the impact of mechanical splices. Ideal for coal prep, large power plant, ship loading, and mining applications. The cleaner is as heavy as most competitive heavy duty cleaners.

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Medium Duty Head Shed Belt Cleaner
The Tech Line Medium Heavy Duty Head Shed Advantages:
  • Medium Duty Primary Cleaner
  • Offset arm design provides a unique cantilever action which dissipates the twist and bend forces caused by mechanical splices
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Powder Coated shaft
  • Standard 6" wide and optional one piece blades are designed to maintain proper contact with the cleaning surface
  • Standard 6" wide blades are removable with just 2 bolts per blade for easy replacement or rotation for longer blade life
  • The blade mounting shaft is removable for servicing by loosening 4 bolts (2 each side)
  • Optional solid blade (one piece blade) installs with just two bolts

Tensioning Systems

The Tech Line Medium Duty Head Shed is available with both Air/Water and Mechanical Tensioners.

Air/Water Tensioners (CSHSMD-STD-A)
Medium Duty Head Shed Air/Water Tensioners
  • Dual activator tensioning unit functions on plant air, water, or CO2
  • Optional air source housed in protective cabinet (Closed system provides long life to air tank)
  • Designed to provide constant tension to the cleaner
  • Suited for difficult to access locations
  • Simple valve operation allows tension to be released quickly to speed up blade changes and maintenance
  • Water regulators are provided with pressure relief valve to prevent over pressurizing. Commonly used in underground applications where service water is available and freezing is not an issue.
  • Plant air regulator systems are used in above ground applications and where freezing is an issue
  • Optional CO2 regulator systems are used in remote and mobile applications such as stacking conveyors, and remote overland discharges where plant air in not readily available.
Mechanical Tensioners (CSHSMDST-01-A)
Medium Duty Head Shed Mechanical Tensioners
  • Designed to provide adjustable tension to the cleaner
  • Suited to locations that are not difficult to access
  • Requires tension to be monitored and adjusted as the blade wears
  • Lower cost system but requires more maintenance attention during its life
  • No risk of losing cleaning ability because of a failed air or water supply


The Tech Line Medium Duty Head Shed comes with a standard 6" wide blade and an optional one piece solid blade that are designed to maintain proper contact with the cleaning surface.

Medium Duty Head Shed Single 6" Blade (FDHSMD-S-01)
Medium Duty Head Shed 6 Inch Blade
  • Standard offering
  • Allows the cleaner to wear to the belt as needed
  • Better contour to a crowned pulley
  • Allows the center blades to wear independent of the outer/end blades
  • Proprietary wear resistant urethane
  • Can be varied to suit special applications
Medium Duty Head Shed Solid Blade (FDHSMD-SB-XX)
XX Denotes Blade Length
Medium Duty Head Shed Solid Blade
  • Use where material build-up between blades is a concern
  • Can be used in multi-primary systems
  • Proprietary wear resistant urethane


Belt Width Inches (mm)Blade Coverage Inches (mm)No. 6" (152 mm) Blades 
36 (900)30 (750)5
42 (1050)36 (900)6
48 (1200)42 (1050)7
54 (1400)48 (1200)8
60 (1500)54 (1400)9
72 (1800)66 (1700)11
84 (2150)78 (2000)13


Belt Width Inches (mm)Solid Blade Replacement Part NumberAssembly Part Number Air/Water TensionerAssembly Part Number Mechanical Tensioner

The table shows the assembly part numbers with a solid blade.  For single blade assembly part numbers, replace "SB" with "MD01".

Note that the 60" is the largest Medium Duty Head Shed blade made.


Medium Duty Head Shed Dimensions