Secondary Cleaners

Secondary Cleaners

Tech Line Series Secondary Cleaners

The new premium Fenner Blue Tech Line Series Secondary Cleaners are an Engineered Cleaning Solution designed for the rigorous underground mining applications. The Tech Line Secondary product line includes the redesigned:

  • Mine Duty
  • Mine Duty II
  • Medium Duty Slide Track
Benefits of the Tech Line Secondary Cleaner:
  • Uniquely designed for use with MSHA conveyor belt compounds
  • Superior urethane design that provides extended wear life
  • Innovative Trizone Cleaning System cleaning system
  • Long life bi-metal blade design

Reasons Why One or More Secondary Cleaners would be required....

When carry-back creates a safety issue at:
  • Underground Mines
  • Power Plants
  • Road Crossings
When carry-back creates an environmental issue:
  • At water crossings
  • By causing outdoor dust generation
When carry-back causes costly housekeeping:
  • Clay
  • Sticky materials
  • In poor access areas
Name Description
Mine Duty The Tech Line Mine Duty Cleaner provides individually tensioned blades to ensure that contact pressure across the width of the belt is even. This is important to help the blade wear to the contour of the belt, or the shape of the crowned pulley. Ideal for use in heavy mining, large quarry, ship loading, and other demanding applications with wide belts.
Mine Duty II The Tech Line Mine Duty II Cleaner provides a rugged, simplified frame design and is most likely the most versatile belt cleaner. Ideal for use in heavy mining, quarry, ship loading, coal prep, power plant, industrial, pulp/paper and other applications.
Medium Duty Slide Track The Tech Line Medium Duty Slide Track Cleaner is lower cost, lighter duty secondary cleaner solution than the Tech Line Mine Duty cleaner and the Tech Line Mine Duty II cleaner. It is intended for use on smaller, slower applications in power plant, industrial, pulp/paper, light aggregate, smaller coal handling, and other light applications.
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