Fenner Dunlop Belt Cleaners

Fenner Dunlop Belt Cleaners

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Name Description
Cam Tensioners Cam Tensions are no longer available for Heavy Duty Head Shed Primary Cleaners but they can still be serviced.
Angle Plow The Angle Plow is ideal for reversing conveyors as it is designed to divert material to either side of the conveyor. It is available with or without tensioning springs and is designed with all stainless steel hardware. Angle Plows are used in all industries of heaving mining applications such as underground mines, power generation and cement plants.
Standard V-Plow The Standard V-Plow is designed for applications such as: quarries, power generation, cement, grain, and coal prep plants.
Heavy Duty V-Plow The Heavy Duty V-Plow is designed to protect tail pulleys conveying heavy material at high belt speeds. Applications would include but not exclusive to: longwall mines, hard rock mines, and all heavy mining applications.
Conventional V-Plow The Conventional V-Plow is designed to remove refuge material from the return side of the conveyor belt.


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