Edge Seal Systems

Edge Seal Systems

Seals conveyor skirting to eliminate leakage and cleanup.

Fenner Dunlop ECS Classic Components attack the potential mess and hazard associated with skirt leakage at loading/impact points on your conveyor system. The Classic edge seal system is designed to be used in conjunction with our impact bed system. It creates a flat surface after the impact zone and under the skirting. This prevents leakage caused by belt sag between idlers even under heavy load.

Your rubber skirting is able to maintain a constant seal to keep material on the belt where it belongs. Idler cans help reduce unnecessary drag through the carry zone. Less friction is generated because the length of the impact bed can be shortened by adding the Classic edge seal system. For example, a typical 15' impact bed can be reconfigured to a 5' bed and a 10' section of edge seal.

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