Slider Beds

Slider Beds

Heavy & Medium Duty Slider Beds

Fenner Dunlop ECS Classic now offers you the perfect solution to impact management and load support for your conveyor system. Although impact protection is a key issue, you’ll find the benefits of proper load support, housekeeping and maintenance to be equally as important.

Classic slider beds are designed to support belts at transfer points. They replace impact idlers that are failing. They also provide superior load support, impact absorption and sealing at transfer points when used in conjunction with skirting. Standard size beds and custom designs are available.

Classic Slider Bed

Classic Simplicity and Functionality

The trademark of Fenner Dunlop ECS Classic components is to find a better way. Once again we’ve done it by offering a completely modular slider bed to make it easier to install.

The beds are collapsible. They disassemble and re-assemble for quick and easy installation in the tightest areas. Also, impact bars can be installed and/or changed without removing the belt.

Classic slider beds can be set at any angle from 0° (flat) to 35°. An additional benefit is that they can be transitioned for use in tailpieces, etc. at any degree and any combination. In other words, you can set one end of the bed at 20° and the other at a 35° angle.

Impact Bars

Constructed with a high molecular weight plastic bonded to a quality rubber to assure excellent impact absorption and long life. We use a hot vulcanized, laminated bonding process so there are no exposed bolts to damage your belt. Our laminations are 100% guaranteed against coming apart.

Other features include:

  • Easy maintenance, bars can be changed without raising or lowering belt
  • Any length bar available as required
  • Completely interchangeable with most other slider bed designs
  • Custom designs available

Impact Bar

Ordering Specifications

Slider Bed Specs


For wide frames (Belt width +15”), please add a “W” in front of the part number (Example:  WCSSB30-02).