Cam Tensioners

Cam Tensioners

Cam Tensioners for Heavy Duty Head Shed Primary Cleaners

One set, constant torque system
Heavy Duty Head Shed Cam Tensioner (CSHSHD-CT-A)

Cam Tensions are no longer available for Heavy Duty Head Shed Primary Cleaners but they can still be serviced.

CAM Tensioners
  • Maintains a constant tension as the cam system rotates and the tension springs expand
  • Requires little adjustment or tensioning throughout the entire wear life of the cleaner blades
  • Can be rotated in either direction for mounting
  • High strength stainless cable
  • Small footprint allows installation in tight applications
  • Ingenious safety block feature allows the blade to wear to the wear line and no further and prevent the possibility of the blade flipping under.

Cam Tensioners Mounted