Belt Cover Compounds

Belt Cover Compounds

Operating conditions demand the correct cover compound.

Pure and simple, the primary purpose of conveyor belt “compounds” is to protect the valued carcass. Carcass compounds, skim and cable rubber formulations provide the adhesion and flexibility the belt needs while facing continual dynamic challenges of the conveyor system. Cover compounds must be of sufficient quality and thickness to withstand the varied operational and environmental hazards present.

Compounds, including both the carcass and cover varieties, are essentially elastomeric recipes. Each such recipe typically includes a primary polymer which defines the “grade” or expected function of the compound. Also included are a number of supporting ingredients, such as carbon black, plasticizers, curing agents, and clays/fillers. Today, the number of different compound recipes available from these individual components is staggering. Fenner Dunlop analyzes these seemingly endless options through extensive research and development, rigid quality control testing, and years of application experience. Only from such a thorough study can they be assured of providing the most innovative, and apropriate, compounds to meet today’s increasing material haulage demands.

Bottom line...when both the cover and carcass compounds are functioning together as a team, you have a conveyor belt solution that truly can provide the lowest cost per ton of material conveyed. Fenner Dunlop is committed to working with each and every customer in satisfying that challenge!

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