Mining's underground workhorse...  

MineHaul® is Fenner Dunlop’s premium multi-ply conveyor belt designed specifically for the demanding nature of the heavy duty underground mining industry. Manufactured with MSHA CFR Title 30, Part 14 certified Fire Boss® fire retardant compounds which meets and exceeds MSHA requirements. MineHaul is designed to safely handle loads in tough mining applications. MineHaul has a proven history in the mining industry for dependability and performance.

Applications: (where compliance with MSHA CFR Title 30, Part 14 is required or desired):

Underground: Coal, Copper, Gold Limestone, Potash, Salt, Trona, Zinc

Above Ground: Coal Preparation Plants, Coal-Fired Power Plants, Aggregates, Hard Rock and Minerals

Reasons to Count on MineHaul:
  • MSHA certified Fire Boss cover compounds for ultimate fire retardance
  • Meets ARPM-FR Class 1 
  • Low stretch
  • Excellent troughability and load support
  • Exceptional mechanical fastener retention
  • Resistant to moisture, mildew and acid mine water
  • Uses traditional diagonal lapped splice or FDA developed Finger Splice Technology
  • Excellent adhesion between the covers and plies assures long service life
  • Available in a variety of poly/nylon and poly/poly constructions