Maximum Rip, Tear and Impact Resistance

MineFlex combines a unique Fenner Dunlop developed straight-warp carcass with specially compounded MSHA CFR Title 30, Part 14 certified Fire Boss covers for underground mining applications. You can expect fire retardant properties which meet and exceed MSHA requirements coupled with un- surpassed resistance to impact, puncture, rip and tear. Fenner Dunlop puts safety first by manufacturing MineFlex STRONG and Fire Boss SAFE to protect your employees and your conveyor belting investment. 

Applications: (where fire retardant belts may be mandatory)

Underground: Coal, Copper, Gold, Limestone, Potash, Salt, Trona, Zinc

Above Ground: Coal-fired Power Plants, Coal Preparation Plants, Rock and Aggregate Mining

  • MineFlex® offers MSHA certified Fire Boss® cover compounds for ultimate fire retardance
  • Maximum strength – low stretch
  • Superior troughability, tracking and load support
  • Maximum impact resistance
  • Greater flexibility than plied belts
  • Up to 3 times more longitudinal rip resistance than standard plied belting constructions.
  • Available in single or dual unit carcass constructions
  • Superior carcass adhesions giving longer product life in difficult applications
  • Resistant to moisture, mildew and acid mine water
  • State-of-the-art Fenner Dunlop developed Finger Splice Technology prolongs splice life and devreases unplanned belt maintenance