Dynaflight® Below Ground

Dynaflight® Below Ground


DynaFlight® Steel Cord belting is the result of more than a century of innovation, engineering expertise, state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and quality assurance.

DynaFlight belting is “Made in North America.” Fenner Dunlop has invested more than $100 million in the US including the newest technology in 96” steel cord production equipment.

Markets & Applications:
  • Coal mining
  • Power generation
  • Overland conveyance
  • Slope belts in deep mines, open-pit mines
  • Refuse belts
  • Stacker/reclaimers, unit train loadouts
Reasons to Count on DynaFlight:
  • Dynaflight available in MSHA certified Fire Boss cover compounds for ultimate fire retardance
  • Complete product range from 30” - 96” widths with tension capabilities ST500 through ST7000
  • Individual cord tensioning, with alternating twist to ensure optimum tracking forces
  • Open weave steel cord design protects against corrosion and maximizes rubber to cord adhesions, prolonging the productive life of your conveyor investment
  • DynaCord Breaker directs unwanted energy from material impact away from the critical tension bearing cords
  • Fenner Dunlop’s Diagnostics Division provides the latest in scanning and monitoring of steel cord belting. Reporting equipment monitors the condition of your belt and provides real time information on damage and wear to your belt and splices
  • Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Services provide the largest and most advanced team of field technicians capable of time critical installation and proper splicing of your DynaFlight conveyor belt

DynaFlight® belting is designed to withstand the most demanding applications. With a single plane of carefully constructed and pre-tensioned steel cords DynaFlight conveys the toughest loads, over the longest distances and at the highest tensions.

Enhanced by today’s computer technology, Fenner Dunlop brings a century of belt design and manufacturing experience to each DynaFlight belt it produces. It’s
no wonder that customers, worldwide, have such confidence in DynaFlight steel cord belting. 

Quality is at the core of Fenner Dunlop's reliability. We start with the best raw materials, each carefully selected and processed on the latest equipment available. These components are assembled into a precisely engineered belt which is checked and re-checked at every stage of production to make sure that there is strict adherence to our stringent specifications.

Fenner Dunlop knows that the service you get from your belt begins with our attention to precise dimensional tolerances, equal cord tensioning and highest quality materials to assure a finished belt that is straight running, problem-free and durable.