Tunneling can present many difficult challenges and requires a specialized belt to deliver ultimate performance in this rugged conveying environment.  Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions has developed Wearlok® for this very reason. 

Wearlok® has been specifically designed for tunneling applications and has proven to be one of the most reliable belts out there.  The unique straight-warp design makes for a stronger, more durable belt providing extended life, high load-carrying capacity, and low stretch. 

Wearlok® possesses many unique features and benefits including:

  • Resistance to abrasion, snagging, and cutting.
  • Up to three times greater impact resistance than conventional belts.
  • Up to six times better rip and tear resistance.
  • Heavyweight and high-strength straight yarns bound together in unique binder system.
  • Well-balanced conveyor belt, which lowers the risk of cupping, curling, and tracking problems.

Wearlok® is manufactured in two ways.  Wearlok® I uses a pulley cover gauge at least one-half (1/2) the carry cover gauge and Wearlok® II uses a pulley cover gauge at least one-third (⅓) the carry cover gauge. 

Wearlok® is made with Fenner Dunlop’s premium Mining-FAR compound:

  • Fire retardant, abrasion resistant compound that meets ARPM-FR Class 2 requirements
  • Excellent abrasion resistant cover compound for tunneling and mining applications
  • For underground, non-coal mining applications

Fenner Dunlop ECS has certified splice technicians who are on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to splice and install your Wearlok® belt. Fenner Dunlop ECS services include, but are not limited to, pulley lagging, conveyor components & replacement parts, conveyor system installation, training, belt condition monitoring, and vulcanized splicing.