ROCKMASTER®… Keeps it Moving!

ROCKMASTER® is the next generation in conveyor belting from FENNER DUNLOP AMERICAS. From hard rock to sand & gravel, RockMaster® provides an economic solution to your conveying needs without compromising quality.


 RockMaster® is manufactured by Fenner Dunlop to be a high tenacity polyester/nylon (PN) plied rubber conveyor belt used in general service applications. Each RockMaster® conveyor belt is manufactured under the same stringent ISO 9001:2008 quality standards as the entire Fenner Dunlop product line.


RockMaster® is engineered to be the solution to the economic restraints our customers deal with on a day to day basis in their market place. RockMaster® has full between ply rubber gauges and will stretch less than 2% at full operating tension. RockMaster® is available in Platinum® (RMA Grade I) and Abrader® (RMA Grade II) cover compounds.


RockMaster® is offered in 2, 3, and 4 ply 110 LB carcass constructions only and has excellent fastener retention values of 4:1 on mechanical splices in both bolt and rivet-type splices. RockMaster® is designed for general purpose applications where material size is 4” or less, material drop is 3’ or less, and the idler troughing angle is 35 degrees or less. 


RockMaster® is designed for general purpose applications such as Aggregates, Crushed Stone, Hard Rock, Sand & Gravel, Ready Mix, Cement, Phosphate and Recycling.


  • 100% Made in the USA and Canada by Fenner Dunlop Americas
  • Less than 2% stretch at full working tension
  • 4 to 1 mechanical splice fastener retention safety factor
  • Full gauge rubber between plies
  • Platinum® and Abrader® cover compounds
  • Excellent adhesions


  • Quality you can trust from our ISO 9001:2008 certified manufacturing facilities
  • No downtime to remove excessive belt stretch
  • Superior fastener retention capabilities reduces downtime
  • Excellent impact resistance for longer performance
  • Outstanding wear characteristics enhances belt life
  • Polyester fabric resists moisture and has exceptional rubber to fabric bond, thus offering our customer superior adhesions in both wet and dry applications.


RockMaster® is available in cover gauges up to 1/4” and in the following compounds:

Platinum® (RMA Grade I) – Superior endurance against heavy above ground abrasive materials with good resistance to cutting and gouging.

Abrader® (RMA Grade II)– Ideal for above-ground, abrasive materials handling.