Creating Solutions, Not Excuses

Coal fired power generation plants require specialized belting for each plant application. Fenner Dunlop Americas developed POWERGUARD® to combat the harshest coal handling and power generating environments.


POWERGUARD® is constructed for above ground coal handling in power generation and coal preparation plants where leaching agents and dust suppressants can be major influences on belt deterioration. Fenner Dunlop offers two compounds specifically formulated to address these problems. Guardian® and Guardian AR® are compounded and designed to reduce conveying problems related to dust suppressants, as well as, to counter the negative effects of leaching agents, such as durometer creep and plasticizer extractions.


To further enhance performance, POWERGUARD® is constructed with a minimum 3/32” bottom cover to insure a more balanced construction, greatly minimizing the occurrence of cupping and curling in power generating and coal prep plan applications. The result is better tracking and extended conveyor belt life.


POWERGUARD® insures the original integrity of the belt by utilizing Fenner Dunlop’s PSR™ carcass. The construction is manufactured from polyester warp and nylon fill yarns which yield lower stretch, improved tracking and reduced downtime due to belt break-in and re-splicing. The result is:

  • Unsurpassed resistance to abrasion, gouging and tearing.
  • Excellent load support.
  • Superior fastener retention.

UsFlex Straight-warp carcass available upon request.