LongHaul® Mine Duty Surface Belt With Endurance!

LongHaul® belting is designed for moderate to severe surface conveying applications when the rip, tear and impact resistance of UsFlex® belting is not required. LongHaul® comes standard with our premium ZR1™ compound which exhibits excellent tensile and superior abrasion resistance. The Fenner Dunlop designed polyester warp, nylon weft fabric is designed for outstanding track-ability, stable performance and dependability in mine duty surface applications. From 450 PIW to 2000 PIW, LongHaul® covers the breadth of heavy duty fabric belting.

Applications: (surface duty only)

  • Coal Preparation Plants
  • Refuge
  • Overland/Transfer Conveyors
  • Surface Mining

Performance You Can Measure

  • Excellent load support
  • Low stretch
  • Resistant to abrasion, cutting, gouging and tearing
  • Outstanding fastener retention
  • Longer service life than most other plied belts in surface applications
  • Decreased downtime
  • More material conveyed
  • Savings to the bottom line!