HotShot®'s cover compound is DeltaHeat 2.0®, utilizing premium EPDM polymers, designed for hot materials. Even though the DeltaHeat® cover may begin to char and wear through as temperatures reach 1000°F, the carcass is designed to maintain its structural integrity.


Temperatures indicated in Fenner Dunlop's HotShot brochure are intended as a guide only for hot materials conveying applications. It is important to note that as the recommended maximum temperature levels are reached and exceeded, belt life will decrease rapidly unless effective measures are taken to cool the belt.

Wing pulleys not recommended for HotShot®.

Other covers/tensions available - consult factory.


High temperatures can have a devastating effect on conventional belt carcasses. Damage ranges from distortion and premature delamination to burn-through, cover peeling, and fastener pull-out.

With its heat-resistant glass fiber carcass, HotShot® can solve many of these problems. HotShot® is designed to handle excessively high temperatures including jagged and abrasive loads up to 1000°F. Its carcass is a single-ply, straight warp glass fiber with premium Delta Heat® covers. This carcass can handle materials up to 1000°F, and will not burn through or distort. Delamination will not occur due to the high-performance single-ply construction.

HotShot® is constructed for cement clinker, calcined lime, foundries and other heat applications where burn-through and spiking temperatures are a concern.