DynaFlight® Above Ground

DynaFlight® Above Ground

Your Best Investment For Long Hauls Of Bulk Material

Quality is at the core of Fenner Dunlop's reliability. We start with the best raw materials, each carefully selected and processed on the latest equipment available. These components are assembled into a precisely engineered belt which is checked and re-checked at every stage of production to make sure that there is strict adherence to our stringent specifications.

Fenner Dunlop knows that the service you get from your belt begins with our attention to precise dimensional tolerances, equal cord tensioning and highest quality materials to assure a finished belt that is straight running, problem-free and durable.

Experience You Can Trust

DynaFlight® belting is made to order to withstand the toughest use. These belts are able to deliver satisfactory performance when the loads are their roughest, the distances are their longest or the tensions are their highest.

Our recommendations are based on our in-depth technical knowledge of conveyor operations and belting designs. Fenner Dunlop brings a century of experience to each product and blends that experience with the benefits of the latest computer technology to assure the optimum of belt design. Cord construction, diameter and pitch, cover thickness and style, safety factors and rip protection breakers are each carefully selected to match tension, impact, splicability, and geometrical demands of the conveyor. 

Furthermore, Fenner Dunlop considers cost so that you get the very best belt at the most economical price. When you add this to our product quality, technical expertise and hands-on approach you can see why we promise that you can have confidence in Fenner Dunlop DynaFlight® belting.

Consider these advantages:

  • High Capacity: High belt speeds and deep troughing keep materials moving.
  • Straight Tracking: Belts are pre-tensioned during manufacture with alternating S and Z twists cords.
  • Minimum Load Disturbance: High tensile strength means transfer points are reduced or eliminated and loads go smoothly, without surges, over the idlers.
  • Unsurpassed Quality: Careful construction using corrosion resistant zinc coated cords, tightly adhering cord bonding rubber, all protected with a hard wearing cover means extra long life on the job.