CLEATLINE® Locks in Your Materials!

CleatLine® is designed to handle the aggressive transfer and elevation of materials like coal, potash, stone, gravel, bark and wood chips. A chevron-top design locks free-flowing materials to the belt surface when the incline exceeds the capabilities of standard smooth belting. This prevents "slipback" and the costly production losses that go with it.


The chevron cleats are an integral part of the original manufactured belt. Cleats are a full 1/4" high, with straight sides and a 3/8" base. With a 6" span, the chevrons repeat continuously across the width of the belt, overlapping from row to row to maintain a smooth running surface on the return idlers. For wet applications, the belt can be reversed to allow water to drain off the cleats while the load moves up the incline. 

CleatLine® can be manufactured in virtually any of the PSR® or UsFlex® carcass constructions. Special widths, lengths and cover grades can be furnished on a made-to-order basis. The standard roll width is 72" and the maximum roll diameter is 96". Available covers from stock are 1/8" minimum top and 3/32" minimum bottom.