Field Services

Field Services

Fenner Dunlop Americas offers a complete array of Field Services which is a primary element of our Engineered Conveyor Solutions concept. Our safety culture,  advanced technical procedures, quality assurance, state of the art expertise, continual innovation, and overall professionalism, sets Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions apart from the competition in Field Services. With decades of experience, along with an experienced team of trained technicians from around the globe, we are setting a new standard of service for all conveyor types. The Fenner Dunlop ECS Field Services Team is the most experienced in the belting industry. Each member is a tried-and-true team member who understands what our clients need in order to be successful. We have Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions full-service shops, and Fenner Dunlop ECS Distributors strategically located throughout the U.S. and Chile, which offer a variety of services for the coal, copper ore, iron ore, oil sand, trona/soda ash, cement/aggregates, and nickel industry.

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Vulcanized Splicing

As a leader in conveyor belt splicing technology, Fenner Dunlop’s belt technicians have been extensively trained on numerous splicing procedures/techniques to ensure a superior approach to vulcanizing our customer’s conveyor belting. Our technicians can install overlap, filler strip, finger (high integrity), single stage, and multi-stage splices to meet your conveyor belt requirements. Each splice is performed and assembled by certified technicians using the highest quality raw materials, then heated at a properly documented temperature and consistent pressure in order to create the highest quality finished product, with a long service life. Our technicians offer a wide array of splicing services for belts up to 96” wide, and up to 2000 piw (fabric), and up to ST7000 (steel cable).

Finger Splice


Mechanical Splicing

Our technicians are trained to install mechanical fasteners of all types. When vulcanized splicing does not fit your situation, and there is a need for a quick repair and get running immediately, mechanical fasteners are most likely the answer. If your conveyor belt develops a rip or tear, our technicians are highly capable of installing specially designed mechanical fastenings to seal shut the damaged area and keep the conveyor belt moving until there is time to schedule a more permanent solution. Typically, fabric belts can be joined with mechanical fasteners while a steel cable belt must be vulcanized. Mechanical fasteners for rips and tears, however, can be installed to make temporary repairs to both fabric and steel cable belts. Back to Top

Belt Reconditioning/Repairs

Fenner Dunlop ECS can extend your conveyor belt life through belt refurbishing. Our certified splice technicians will take your rolls of conveyor belt and turn them into a useable asset. Reconditioning used conveyor belt will maximize the belt life, restore your used conveyor belt to custom and useable lengths and widths, reduces the number of splices in the conveyor, and offer greater flexibility when removing belt from take-ups. Reconditioning also provides an opportunity for belt inspections which predict and plan for belt replacement consistent with capital requirements.

Belt Reconditioning


Belt Cleaner Services

Fenner Dunlop’s certified and trained technicians will install, inspect, clean, adjust, repair, replace, and identify solutions to keep fugitive materials in-check and controlled. With tougher compliance standards, our cleaning service technicians are trained to help you meet regulatory requirements, and reduce the chance of non-compliance both in the field and with OEM Installations; in all mining applications such as coal, copper ore, sand/gravel, molybdenum, soda ash, and iron ore.

Belt Cleaner Services


The Fenner Dunlop ECS Maintenance program offers the following benefits:

  • Predictive & Custom Maintenance Programs
  • System Inspections
  • Problem Solving & Solutions
  • Optimize Material Transfer
  • Reduced carry back on light & heavy duty applications

Pulley Lagging

Fenner Dunlop ECS trained technicians can remove your worn out pulley lagging, and install the best lagging solution based upon your ever-changing needs. Pulleys can be re-lagged in the field on your system without removal, or in our service facility, or, of course at the pulley manufacturer. Whatever the application, smooth, rubber, grooved or diamond, or ceramic, re-lagging can be completed to give your pulley its maximum service life, reduce shell wear, increase traction, increase cleaner efficiency, assist belt tracking, increase belt uptime, and eliminate slippage problems. Fast turn-around, pickup, and delivery are always available for your convenience.

Pulley Lagging

Overland/Slope Installation Projects

Our 32 years of experience, with a host of testaments to the success and confidence customers have in Fenner Dunlop Field Services on large-scale belt conveyor projects. Fenner Dunlop ECS specializes in projects for new-facility installations for a variety of conveyor applications; including overland conveyors, slope belts, prep plants, power plants, and processing facilities. With belt winding capabilities and pulling power matched by no other competitor, our special-projects teams can install, remove, and/or change out any belt conveyor system.

Installation Project