Engineered Conveyor Solutions

Engineered Conveyor Solutions

At Fenner Dunlop Americas, we have long recognized the need for a conveyor belt company to position themselves as truly an Engineered Conveyor Solution provider…rather than simply being a quality conveyor belt manufacturer with some services. Over the past few years, we began to carefully focus on acquiring the necessary resources, which would place FDA in that coveted role.

Fenner Dunlop is a well-established, respected conveyor belt and service provider, with a success record of over 150 years. We do, however, recognize our success in the future depends on our ability to constantly move forward with innovative solutions to customers’ needs. With this knowledge, we have made recent investments of over $300 million, including our new facility in Lavonia, Georgia, many upgrades to our belt manufacturing plants and the purchases of significant capability. 

With these resources firmly in place, Fenner Dunlop now has the complete product, service and engineering capability to customize Life Cycle Management (LCM) and Pay For Performance (PFP) solutions for our safety and value conscious customers.

We now present to our customers integrated offerings from One Source, including conveyor belt for all above and below ground systems, idlers and structure, system design, installation, aftermarket components and ongoing service. While all of these resources are available as a One Team approach, we do maintain stand-alone businesses with products, services, and personnel who concentrate their experience within one specialty.

We believe that we are now on our way to being recognized as the safest, most professional, and successful Engineered Conveyor Solutions (ECS) provider in the world. We do acknowledge, however, that you, our customer, solely determine this recognition and lofty goal.

While we believe that every company must grow in order to remain successful, nevertheless—we remain equally focused on value creation. Therefore, we will continue our search for strategic alliances and acquisitions, which further strengthen our values offering to performance-driven customers, while growing our business locally and worldwide.

We deem these abilities so important and unique to Fenner Dunlop Americas and Fenner Group; we rebranded our conveyor belt business as Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions.

This simply equates to ONE TEAM, ONE PROMISE.