Commitment To Safety

Commitment To Safety

Health and Safety is always the number one priority for everyone in our Group. No job is so critical or urgent that it may not be done in a safe and controlled manner. I believe that everyone who works for Fenner should expect to return home at night in the same fit and healthy state in which they came to work. I also believe that doing things in a safe and healthy fashion is not just something you do at work. The behaviors we require at work cannot be turned on and off. They affect the way you live both your professional and private lives. It is about protecting yourself, your family and all those you care about, so that everyone returns home safely at the end of the day.

Since its launch in 2009 The Framework has been a remarkable catalyst for change and focus in the Group. The awareness and attention paid to health and safety has improved markedly. The Framework is a unique approach developed by Fenner Group to allow consistent communication of our expectations while providing you with the room to grow and succeed with your business. The theme is one of continuity and rededication to the ceaseless striving for improving everything we do. As you all know we live in a world of continuous improvement and health and safety is no different; to achieve our goals we need to embed rigor and continuous improvement in the way we approach health and safety.

We will also continue to drive down any negative health and environmental impacts of our activities by using resources efficiently, and reducing waste, emissions and discharges.

I truly believe that the continuing success of the Group is founded on its ability to undertake all of its operations in a safe and injury free way. Our credibility as a provider of inherently safe products, services and medical components is underpinned by our own safety performance. I believe that to operate as a world class company we need to be world class in everything that we do. It is not possible to be selectively world class. Your role in helping us to grow a successful world class company is to take the individual and collective responsibility to ensure that the environment you work in is safe for yourself, your colleagues, your customers and all those with whom you work.

Very Simply – Safety is our top priority