Certified Splicing Program

Certified Splicing Program

As a leader in conveyor belt technology, Fenner Dunlop has developed splicing systems that have been engineered and field-proven to ensure optimum conveying. A wide range of textiles and elastomers are used in the manufacturing of Fenner Dunlop’s high performance conveyor belt lines.

Value added services continue to make the difference in winning and maintaining customer business in a competitive market. Fenner Dunlop Americas recognizes the importance of equipping its distributor network with the tools necessary to provide the safest competent field service to their end-users. Fenner Dunlop has established a Certified Splicing Program geared to educate its distributor network on the latest technology in splicing, including the High Integrity Finger Splice technique.

Authorized distributors are accredited through Fenner Dunlop’s Certified Splicing Program in specific areas of training which include plied, straight-warp, and steel cord belting.

The Certified Splice School program is based on field experience and certification classes. Attendees are trained in the latest splice procedures and material usage for Fenner Dunlop conveyor belting. The Fenner Dunlop Safety Resource & Training Team customizes each training session to ensure that participants increase their skill level and knowledge base in the areas needed to improve their level of service to their customers.

After a splice company has met the certification requirements and is a proven user of Fenner Dunlop splice materials, entry into the elite Fenner Dunlop Certified Splice Program is then offered.

Fenner Dunlop Certified Splicing Program

Fenner Dunlop Certified Splice companies’ splices, when made to Fenner Dunlop specifications, carry the full endorsement of Fenner Dunlop, within Fenner Dunlop’s technical limits. A list of Fenner Dunlop certified splicers can be found on the Fenner Dunlop Americas website. CERTIFICATION in the splicing network is maintained by buying Fenner Dunlop splice materials exclusively, by following all splice procedures outlined in the Fenner Dunlop splice manuals and by attending a two-day splice school every two years to stay current with new procedures and materials.

To ensure that proper splice procedures and materials are used on our conveyor belting, please consult the Fenner Dunlop Safety Resource & Training Team.