Diagnostic Products

Diagnostic Products

Investing In An Efficient Conveyor Belt System Demands A Large Capital Commitment.

The best possible way to protect this investment is to utilize Fenner Dunlop ECS Conveyor Diagnostics service to ensure the least possible damage to your conveyor system and investment.

The bene­fits of choosing one of the many service options of Fenner Dunlop Conveyor Diagnostics can be enormous. Consistent and professional belt monitoring gives operators much tighter control by enabling them to recognize potential trouble spots and take action before unsafe, and unnecessary damage occurs, resulting in unscheduled and costly downtime. Fenner Dunlop ECS offers a range of reliable diagnostic services for your specifi­c needs:

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Rip Detection (Steel Cord) Steel Cord and Fabric on RR+

  • EagleEye® is the most advanced combined rip detection and continuous belt-monitoring system in the world. It is a permanently installed conveyor diagnostics tool designed for the analysis of present splice condition, cord damage, rip detection and cord corrosion, without the need to stop production on a steel cord conveyor system. The interface allows for belt positioning and auto stoppages at a determined position on the conveyor system. 
  • The Rip Ranger Plus system is a microprocessor monitoring unit designed with durable field proven components. Advanced diagnostics provide continuous system monitoring that minimizes and eliminates system faults or malfunctions. Antennas are embedded intermittently throughout the conveyor belt. Transmitters and receivers are located strategically near conveyor loading and discharge sections where most belt rips occur.

Diagnostic Belt Monitoring (Steel Cord)

Fenner Dunlop’s rEscan provides monitoring systems and services for early detection of cord strand breaks, cord corrosion, carcass defects and splice failures.

Fenner Dunlop has developed different services and programs to fit what our customer needs.

  • rEscan 24/7 -rEscan can now scan the conveyor belt every revolution on fixed speed or variable speed belts through the rEscan 24/7 system. rEscan 24/7 provides the ability to alert users at the instant any significant cord damage or splice damage is detected. In addition, a PLC interface gives a user the ability to stop the conveyor belt at any selected splice, detected cord-damage or belt length location, and to position the belt wherever required.
  • rEscan 24/7 also has the capabilities to become a Splice Monitoring System for fabric belting. The Splice Monitoring System (SMS) can remotely measure splice elongation and therefore help prevent splice failure in fabric belting. The SMS system works by imbedding small targets into the belt at a set distance on either side of each splice. The SMS system monitors these distances each time a splice passes its 'sense' transducer.
  • Mobile Manual Scan - The full Mobile scan entails a trained technician to travel on-site and perform a full longitudinal scan, condition inspection, and life-predictions of the conveyor belt.

    After the inspection has been made, a fully detailed report is generated and sent to the client. The report will include Fenner Dunlop ECS recommendations in order of priority, detailed belt map, splice condition and a table of anomalies within the belt that are considered notable.

    In the event that some of the anomalies need to be looked at closer, a Fenner Dunlop ECS portable X-Ray system can perform highly detailed digital images of these events., .

Diagnostic Services

  • Belt Wand Inspection –A complete review of each conveyor is performed where technical data such as belt-transition distances, belt condition, splice and idler data is collected and analyzed to ensure that our customers minimize unscheduled downtime due to conveyor belt or component failure.

The Belt Wand survey identifies areas which have a negative effect on the conveyor belt service-life. Detailed belt component condition reports can be generated in minutes complete with photos and sketches of problem areas.  An action list is generated, grading components and issues on an A - F scale. 

  • Cover Profiling/Ultrasound Surveys - Fenner Dunlop ECS Diagnostic Services technicians perform an onsite cover-profiling survey on each conveyor to measure the rate of wear, and therefore predict life expectancy. Our reports will show, in a graph form, historical data drawn from previous surveys which will feature trending belt-wear and then better forecast a proper replacement. In addition, the data will assist our customers to determine if excessive wear is occurring due to a mechanical problem with the conveyor...or there is a change in the loading characteristics.

X-Ray - Fenner Dunlop ECS Diagnostics Technicians will safely perform onsite x-raying for either steel cord damage areas, or the condition of fabric belt splices. Special software gives x-rays a 3-D effect to better see anomalies. X-Ray services are used to accurately quantify the exact nature of any cord or fabric ply damage.  The level of accuracy is unparalleled, with issues such as ply adhesion, cord displacement and exact cord damage, available almost instantaneously. 

  • Thermographic Bearing Analysis - A Fenner Dunlop ECS Diagnostics Technician performs onsite idler and pulley bearing analysis to determine bearing heat, which affords greater accurancy in determining bearing-life expectancy.  
  • Antenna (loop) Signal testing – A Fenner Dunlop Diagnostics Technician performs “antenna” or “loop” testing to determine the signal strength on conveyor belts with rip detection systems.  This allows our customers to pre-plan loop replacement of old antennas and ensures that they are getting full coverage.

No Matter What Your Needs, Fenner Dunlop ECS Diagnostic Services Has The Right Product And Service To Fit Your Budget And Protect Your Investment

rEscan 24/7 Feature/Benefits

  1. Steel Cable Splice and Belt Monitoring- The rEscan 24/7 constantly monitors every part of the steel cable belt for any changes from the learned cycle.  If a splice changes, a cord condition changes, or failure starts to occur, the rEscan 24/7 will alert the client.
  2. Email/Belt Stop Capabilities - rEscan 24/7 has the capability to email the client whenever an event, splice change or setting is changed within the system.  The user also has the option to send an alarm to a control room or stop the belt from the operating system.
  3. Belt Positioning - Instead of taking a measuring wheel or trying to locate damage events that do not effect the cover rubber, the 24/7 system will park any event or splice in a set-maintenance window.  This feature saves the mine downtime and allows for quicker belt repair/splicing.  The user can also define a set date and time that the belt will park in anticipation of a repair crew coming to site. 
  4. Detailed Reporting - The rEscan 24/7 system can provide numerous types of reports that can be automatically sent to the client hourly, daily, weekly etc.  The reports will include Fenner Dunlop ECS recommendations in order of priority, detailed belt map, splice condition, anomalies or damage events, conveyor belt cycles, and setting changes. Each report can be compared to prior reports for changing belt conditions. 
  5. The rEscan 24/7 has the capability to integrate into some existing rip detection systems and pull data for reporting purposes from the customer’s rip detection unit

 Eagle Eye Features/Benefits

  1. PLC Platform- The Eagle Eye system is designed to meet the robust requirements that current day mining operations need.  Designed with a Rockwell/Allan Bradley PLC and components Eagle Eye is one of the most reliable platforms available (True 24/7 protection). The system also comprises of a battery backup for controlled power downs and a managed Ethernet Switch for controlled data transfer.
  2. Easily integrated into existing mine operating systems with remote Factory Talk SE control room displays available upon request.
  3. Condition Monitoring and Rip Detection- Eagle Eye is the world leader in providing complete condition monitoring and high-end Rip Detection through Fenner Dunlop ECS inductive loops.
  4. Belt Positioning enables the user to define and stop the belt in two different locations and at a specified time if required for repair or inspection.  The two locations can be set up, one as an inspection station and one as a preventive maintenance station where repairs are done.
  5. Protects during start-up and shut-down.  Shuts down the conveyor if the belt seriously miss-tracks or if an inductive loop is broken by a rip. Individual inductive loops, damaged by impact or fatigue, can be programmed-out in Historical Mode.

Rip Ranger Plus

  1. Reads up to a 1000 loops per belt
  2. Modbus interface: for external control unit- easily interfaced into mines around the world. 
  3. 2 x monitoring stations per unit gives the Rip Ranger Plus system the capability to connect two locations of Rip Detection with just one main control unit.  4 monitoring stations with a slave unit
  4. Direct real time loop diagnostics  - loop numbers, loop signal status strength, and belt loop spacing
  5. System log/history of the last 10.000 status changes
  6. Remote access to the system can be monitored/controlled remotely from anywhere in the world with the use of an ethernet connection. 
Name Description
Rip Ranger Plus

The Rip Ranger Plus system is a microprocessor monitoring unit designed with durable field proven...



EagleEye® is the most advanced combined rip detection and continuous belt monitoring...


rEscan 24/7 - rEscan can now scan the belting every revolution on fixed speed or...

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