Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solution offers premium conveyor belting products across a wide range of markets. Our Industrial Products are organized by market on the menu on the left. 

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Name Description
DeltaHeat 2.0 DeltaHeat 2.0 is Fenner Dunlop's premium hot material compound. It is designed to resist the negative effects of cover cracking, hardening, flexing, tearing, and abrasion associated with high temperature environments.
EnergyLite EnergyLite is Fenner Dunlop's premier conveyor belt bottom cover for conveyor systems that are relatively flat and that have distance to center of 1,500 feet or more.
GKIII The demands of the Forest Products Industry are many and varied. From full logs to woodchips, Fenner Dunlop ECS has a belt for every job. GKIII is Fenner Dunlop's economic product for the Wood, Pulp, and Paper market.
Grain Master Grain Master PSR carcass delivers high strength along with low elongation and excellent fastener holding properties.
Grain Master Supreme Grain Master Supreme is produced with an UsFlex carcass to provide maximum rip and tear resistance coupled with superior bolt retention properties.
LogMaster Logmaster is Fenner Dunlop's premium product for log handling. It can be used for slasher decks, log drops, debarkers in and out feeds, chipper in feeds, and drum discharge.
Patriot X® Patriot X will exceed your performance expectations while remaining an economical belting option. The unique design of the Patriot X fabric offers improved rip, tear, and impact resistance over its predecessor.
PowerGuard Coal-fired power generation plants require specialized belting for each plant application. Fenner Dunlop Engineered Conveyor Solutions developed PowerGuard to combat the harshest coal handling and power generating environments.
Sahara Our Sahara Product Line has five uniquely designed heat resistant conveyor belts that meet a wide variety of unique hot material applications. Sahara is Fenner Dunlop's original heat-resistant product.
Sahara Alumina Our Sahara Product Line has five uniquely designed heat resistant conveyor belts that meet a wide variety of hot material applications. Sahara Alumina is tailor made to handle hot alumina products.


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