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At Fenner Dunlop, we offer belting solutions to handle any application.

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April 04, 2014

Fenner Dunlop creates the most exclusive and premier conveyor belt distributor network in the Ame

October 15, 2012

Fenner Dunlop Americas has been working toward one clear-cut goal over the last four years: becom

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Fenner Dunlop strives to be the premier provider of the safest and most complete conveyor systems and services to the mining and industrial sectors, including belt manufacturing and system engineering. Through strategic acquisitions and investments, and a strong management and financial discipline, the company is well positioned to help customers grow over the long haul. Today, within our 150 years of proven belting manufacturing experience, Fenner Dunlop Americas brings more than 70 years of service solutions and 20 years of belt conveyor system engineering.

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